Junior History Trip to Roman Baths in Bath

On Friday 16th of November, Mrs. Gorodi and Mrs Billany took junior pupils from the prep school to visit the Roman Baths in Bath. This trip linked in closely with their current history work covering the Roman Invasion of Britain.

During the morning, pupils used the audio aids to help guide them around the baths. Here they could see statues of Roman emperors, a 4th century model of the Roman Baths and temple as well as the original remains, mosaics and Roman artefacts. They even got a chance to try some of the spring water although they found the taste rather unusual.

In the afternoon pupils enjoyed learning about Roman food in the education centre, they dressed up in tunics and togas and they made their own mosaics.

This was a busy action packed day which was enjoyed by all.

Shapwick School at Roman Baths