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Shapwick's philosophy is that every pupil should enjoy and achieve success in all aspects of PE and Sport. The PE programme is therefore developmental and progressive, providing both the experience of a variety of activities, and the educational input required, to succeed in future sport-based qualifications.

Shapwick is proud to offer an inclusive and motivating programme in which every pupil can experience the enjoyment, and understand the benefits, of physical activity. The school is confident that an extremely high percentage of pupils move on to the next level with a positive attitude to PE and Sport, and with aspirations for life-long participation within the sporting arena.

Key Stage 2 – Fitness & Movement to Music

Every Autumn the pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 take part in a Fitness & Movement to Music programme. This course has been developed with support from the specialists within our own Occupational Therapy department. It enables pupils to work on core stability, body awareness and improve their level of fitness (it even has a little bit of basic Yoga thrown in for good measure!) All this is done to music, so rhythm and timing is also tested and improved upon. This course has proven to be a good base from which to progress to Gymnastics later on in the Term, and is beneficial in all areas of Sport.

Key Stages 2 & 3 – Swimming

During the Spring Term all year groups undertake a swimming course. We have joined together with Burnham Swim and Sports Academy to offer our pupils progressive swim coaching throughout their time at the Prep School. ASA qualified swim teachers deliver the lessons, whilst Mr Coombes gives additional 1 to 1 supportto those who are either new to the water, or those who are more advanced. Every pupil is challenged at their appropriate level, and they all work hard towards achieving,and improving upon, their nationally recognised certificates and badges at the end of term.

Key Stages 2 & 3 – Athletics

The Summer Term is centred around Athletics.The Athletics programme has been developed based on the English Schools' Athletic Association Award Scheme. Key Stage 2 pupils learn and compete in 8 events, with those in Key Stage 3 managing 10! Pupils compete against similarly able peers for motivational purposes, however the Award Scheme is based on improving one’s own personal bests, and beating times and distances to achieve the highest cumulative score possible. Since its introduction it has proved extremely popular, with every pupil keen to gain the highest number of points they can. At the end of the term every child receives a medal (Effort, Bronze, Silver or Gold) based on their success over a variety of Track and Field events during the term. In addition to the medals, the highest scoring boy and girl in Year 8 also receive the kudos of being named ‘Champion Athlete’ of the year.

Key Stage 3 - Health Related Fitness

In the Autumn the Year 7 & 8 pupils take what they have already learnt to the next level.  The Health Related Fitness programme teaches pupils about the benefits of physical activity and how to maintain a healthy body and mind.  During this term the pupils learn about their own strengths and weaknesses through a variety of fitness evaluations.  A weekly high intensity and motivating circuit is also included, so improved levels of health and fitness can be proved and observed in action.  This is fantastic preparation for examination-based PE/Sport in Years 10 & 11.

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