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Year 7 Cookery 2012

With the arrival of the brand new, and utterly fabulous, cookery room at the senior school, we are now able to spend an hour practising our talents on a Friday afternoon. Mrs. Savage has achieved a lifelong ambition to teach cookery and is enjoying every minute of it!

An hour flies by and we carefully debate the dishes we can cook in the designated time. We try to choose dishes with a limited list of ingredients that can be cooked, sampled and carried home to share at the end of the day. I feel it is also important that the children are able to practise their recipes at home without Mum having to order a truck full of food from Waitrose! Most of the ingredients can be found in the cupboard, most of the time. We have mastered the art of Eggy Bread, Drop Scones and Pizza and are planning Tomato soup with Garlic bread for the future.

The children have risen to the challenge and are thoroughly enjoying themselves. They are learning how to adapt recipes and to add their own twists to established classics. Cookery should be fun, definitely creative and inventive, all attributes our children have in spades!

Y7 Cookery at Shapwick School


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