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Year 11 Chepstow Castle Visit

Year 11 historians (Bart, Ryan, Crea, Bryonie & Sam) recently took a trip to the mighty Chepstow Castle, for a site visit that will prepare them for their Controlled Assessment work this term.

Arriving just after opening time, we had the run of the castle to ourselves and the pupils were tasked with cementing their knowledge of the various features of the castle: the 3 baileys (courtyards) the3 towers, the position and defences of the castles and the purpose of each section.

Chepstow Castle is superb for exploring and our students were able to wander the ramparts, investigate the cellars, ponder the sheer cliff drop into the River Wye and get a very good first-hand impression of the scale of Chepstow Castle.

Shapwick School visits Chepstow CastleShapwick School visits Chepstow Castle

Happily, there was also time to let their hair down, wander across the bridge that connects England to Wales and stand with one foot in each country, and enjoy a lunch by the river.

As ever, the pupils were delightful company,focused on the task and really appreciative of the castle.

Many thanks to Mr Windsor for keeping us all calm,and Cadw Wales for making this trip free.

We love Chepstow Castle!

October 2016