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Shapwick School Interview Evening A Great Success

Shapwick School Interview EveningYear 11 students enjoyed a successful Interview Evening with over 20 employers from across the county involved.  Students applied for a 'mock job' from a selection of over 60.  They completed application forms, produced a C.V. and wrote a covering letter.  

They were then interviewed for the job and received feedback on their application and interview performance. 

"Very impressive, confident and has really thought about his career choice.  An excellent letter, I would certainly offer him the job"  Said one interviewer.

"I would definitely offer Tara the position!  She is enthusiastic, well informed and gave excellent examples of how she would tackle problems"  Said another

Mr. Lee thanked the employers and congratulated the students on their performance.  A special thank you went to Mrs. Wood who co-ordinated much of the event.


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