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Music Exams

We are pleased to announce that various musicstudents have achieved passes in their instrumental music grades with ABRSMthis year:

  • Isabel Joubert passed Grade 3 Clarinet with Merit – she was awarded hercertificate in our Celebration Assembly by music teacher Helen Newman, whocoached her through the grade exam.
  • Maddy Brinkley passed Grade 3 singing with tuition from Paula Sturgess,the singing teacher, and also passed Grade 4 piano with tuition from musicteacher Nathan Williams.

Both students make valuable contributions to the School Band, whichrehearses weekly, they enjoy performing, both individually and in groups, atend of term concerts.

Shapwick School aims to offer lessons from peripatetic or in-houseteachers on whatever instruments pupils wish to learn; instruments offered sofar include drums, brass, woodwind, piano and guitar (including electric andbass) and tuition is also offered in a weekly Music Theory group, funded by theschool, as well as a School Choir (run by Helen Newman) and two separate SchoolBand projects (run by Nathan Williams and Helen Newman).

This term has also seen the installation of professional qualityrecording equipment (with Music Technology taught by Nathan Williams). Year 9 and School Band are working towardsvarious multitrack recordings for the end of term.