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New Recording Studio Facilities in Music Department

Shapwick School's Music Department now have recording studio facilities in place for students to record their performances and develop skills in multitrack recording and mixing.

The school recently purchased the latest version of Logic X, and students have been experimenting with recording live instruments and vocals, as well as sequencing and using synthesisers to make state of the art dance music tracks using MIDI keyboards, beats and samples. 

Recording Studio at Shapwick SchoolRecording Studio at Shapwick School

The photos show a student recording vocals for his version of George Ezra's "Paradise", which can be heard on the school's site on Soundcloud, as well as other recordings from Shapwick musicians and singers:

The Media Room at the back of the Hayloft functions as a studio "control room", where Music Teacher Nathan Williams is here pictured at the controls, with singers and musicians using the Hayloft as a live room, visible through the media room window. There are plans to further develop the Hayloft with sound absorbent materials in future, but for now the room works well enough with its bright, reverberant sound.

Recording Studio at Shapwick School

Individual lessons are now offered in Music Technology as well as the usual instrumental and singing lessons, with a weekly drop-in Recording Club offering group tuition as an Enrichment activity. Music Technology can be a good way of students accessing their musical creativity by building bass lines, chords and drum patterns in Logic without needing any formal training in keyboards or instruments, and some students particularly thrive with this approach to music making. The best recordings are showcased during school assemblies, end of term concerts, and on Celebration Day at the end of the summer term.