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Shapwick Schools Hosts A Successful Professionals Day

On Friday 5th May Shapwick hosted it's first'Professionals' Day' in a long time. 22 attendees representing many different aspectsof the SEN world came and enjoyed an 'inspiring' day, which focused on howShapwick meets young peoples' dyslexic, dyspraxic and dyscalculic needs on aneveryday, holistic level.

We described our specialist 'jigsaw' of teachers, therapists,houseparents and tutors, who support our students aged 8-19 every day, 24 hoursa day and help them to acquire the skills and knowledge theywill need to succeed at Shapwick and beyond.

Case studies were used tofurther describe support given in specific situations with specific studentexamples. There were opportunities for Q & A, sharing of practice andvaluable networking.

As ever, our studentswere invaluable in explaining our provision and how their individual potentialis being unlocked to visitors, whilst conducting tours around the school.