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Reflecting On The Journey Travelled

Sitting behind my office window soaking up the heat from the sun, I find myself reflecting on the challenges and achievements over the last few weeks at Shapwick School.

Since September current student numbers and projected intake involves additional teaching space being found.  As a result, during half term (five working days to be precise), we had to relocate the 6th Form to a new building and so creating a 6th Form Centre of their own.  This building first had to be emptied and then redecorated.  Also, we had to provide more admin space so the bursar could be evicted from her room to make a new class room.  All this had to be achieved in a week and it never ceases to amaze me what can be achieved when a team has a clear vision and a deadline.

Students came back on Sunday and school continued in earnest.  Hallowe’en was on us and staff supported students to carve fantastic pumpkins.  The Hallowe’en disco was a frightening success with an array of scary monsters.  Three days later a firework display was put together. This gave us the opportunity to burn all the rubbish that had been removed to create the new 6th Form centre!

The point and thanks I want to make is how these events happen which on the surface is slick and polished, and they are!  Behind the scenes you have an army of “can do” staff pulling together and going the extra mile to succeed over and over again.  These staff are often forgotten as they are back stage. 

As managers we take the credit for day to day successes but it’s important to share that, with those that have worked so hard.  The maintenance, housekeeping, catering and admin teams are the backbone to the organisation and oil the wheels as Shapwick School goes on its daily journey.

We thank you all...