Shapwick School Community Talks Programme

ALL TALKS TAKE PLACE ON THURSDAY AT 5.30pm and will last for approximately 45 minutes


14th September
Dr Miles Kerr- Peterson of the Bridgwater Heritage Group: “Saving a cemetery: the friends of Wembdon Road”

12th October
John Cheshire “The Russian Psyche & its influence on contemporary decision making in the Kremlin”

9th November
Miranda Young, Outreach & Learning Manager at Wells Cathedral: “What is a Cathedral, and what makes ours special?”


23rd November
Mr Tony Cullen, the English Civil War Society “Soldiers of the English Civil Wars”


25th January
Commander Barrie O’Sullivan & Community Relations Officer RNAS Yeovilton The History of RNAS Yeovilton & HMS Heron*

22nd February
Kim Thompson, Volunteering Officer for the Churches Conservation Trust: The Work of the Churches Conservation Trust*

1st March
Shapwick Pupils. “Great History Speeches” & pupil-designed slideshows With selection of historical nibbles!

Shapwick School is very proud & appreciative to have the financial support of the Chalke Valley History Festival & Trust for a variety of History Projects. Their website is found at




Chalke Valley History Trust
Chalke Valley History Festival