Personal, Social & Health Education (PSHE) is a compulsory non-examined programme for all students. At Shapwick, teachers aim to give pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead happy, healthy, confident and independent lives.

PSHE is taught by specialist teachers once a week for one hour. A wide variety of resources are used such as videos, games, drama and presentations. 

The PSHE course offers young people the opportunity to acquire and use the skills that are essential for a healthy lifestyle, responsible citizenship, employment and lifelong learning. 

Citizenship is concerned with the rights and responsibilities and duties of citizens in various communities. It aims to help students to distinguish between evidence and opinion, to argue logically and to develop a sense of right and wrong. Students examine many important aspects of life within the UK, forms of government and the criminal and legal systems. 

Sex and Relationships Education at Shapwick School

Shapwick uses the Bristol Sex & Relationships Education syllabus - 'sex....and stuff.' The major themes of the scheme of work are based around the National Curriculum's end of key stage statements for personal well-being. These cover Personal Identity, Healthy Lifestyles, Diversity, Relationships, Getting Help & Risks. The lesson plans build and progress around a number of different issues relevant age and likely experience of young people. It is our aim that SRE will prepare young people not only for what is happening to them currently but also their future development. 

Issues such as recognising and managing feelings, differences around gender and sexuality, media and peer pressure, readiness for sex, appropriate behaviour, contraception, STIs, relationships and getting help are covered and revisited. 

The lessons contain a mixture of knowledge reflection and skills all of which are based around active learning methods. This enables students to explore issues that are risky.

Drugs and Alcohol at Shapwick School

The lessons aim to enable young people to:

  •  increase their knowledge of drugs and alcohol
  •  explore attitudes and values associated with drug and alcohol use and misuse
  •  develop the skills required to make informed choices

PSHE Handbook

Click here to download the PSHE Handbook (PDF)