6th Form Life

The School Week

On weekdays the Sixth Form day runs from 8:30-5:00, with Saturday School from 8:30-12:45. Unless they have College lessons, students are expected to be onsite during these times. Each student is provided with a personalised timetable detailing their College lessons, travel time, English and Maths lessons, scheduled one-to-one support, therapy and extracurricular commitments.  There is one exeat weekend per half term.


Sixth Form Centre

The Sixth Formers work in a newly developed Sixth Form Centre situated within the original Shapwick Primary School building. The building is five minutes’ walk from the main school site and provides students with a workroom, as well as English and Maths classrooms. Students spend the majority of their time in the workroom ; a spacious room with individual and group desks, access to Apple Macs and Windows laptops, printers, Wi-Fi, storage space and a quiet working environment. During break times students are also encouraged to socialise in their own common room.



When at Shapwick for a full day, students are expected to wear smart business dress. The full dress code can be found in the Sixth Form Handbook.


Sixth Form Voice

Students are encouraged to give back to the Sixth Form community by getting involved in Sixth Form Voice. Students nominate themselves for positions of “Voice Lead”, “Charity Coordinator” and “Social Secretary” and meet weekly to organise social events and contribute to the development of the Sixth Form Centre. Each year the team chooses a Sixth Form charity and works hard to fundraise for their chosen charity through a variety of events.


Sixth Form Enrichment and Assemblies

Shapwick Sixth Form offers a comprehensive Enrichment Programme, including a range of life skills, wellbeing and creativity focused activities and social opportunities throughout the week. Sixth Formers are also encouraged to lead Enrichment activities for the lower school for their own personal development. Every Saturday the students take part in age-appropriate PSHE, personal wellbeing development workshops and assemblies, often led by external speakers.