GCSE Results 2019

Our KS4 and 5 outcomes in the summer reflected the hard work put in by our students and staff. 

72% of students achieved 5 or more GCSEs at grades 9-3. 

44% of students achieved 5 or more GCSEs at grades 9-4. 

42% of year 11 achieved a 4 or above in GCSE English Language – a massive accomplishment for students who may not have been able to access the course or examinations before coming to Shapwick.  

A number of our 6th form students have attained their GCSE or Functional Skills in English and/or Maths, with fantastic support from our on-site teaching team.

Subjects in which students performed particularly well (achieving a 4 or above) were English Literature (80%), Drama (75%), Science (68%) and Geography (67%). We have seen increased numbers of students achieving their potential by reaching their target grades across numerous subjects, from English, Maths and Science, right through to Art and Photography.


GCSE Results 2018

Of those taking full GCSE courses, 63% of students achieved 5 or more passes at 9 – 4 or equivalent, whilst 75% achieved 5 or more passes at 9 – 3 or equivalent.

100% of students achieved or exceeded their target grades in the following subjects:
Combined Science, Product Design, Film Studies, Level 2 Functional Skills English and Entry Level Certificate Maths Science and Further Science.
86% of 6th form students taking GCSE Maths also achieved or exceeded their target grades.

Students performed particularly well in Science and Sport.
63% of students taking Combined Science (worth 2 GCSEs) achieved passes at grade 4 or above.
80% of students taking BTEC Sport First Certificate achieved a double pass at level 2 – equivalent to 2 GCSEs at 9 – 4 grade. Two of these students also achieved a level 2 award – equivalent to a further GCSE at 9 – 4 grade.


GCSE Results 2017

Shapwick School celebrated its GCSE results last Summer, with half its students reaching 5 passes at A* - C and 9 – 4. 

Overall 75% of students reached or exceeded their predicted grades across all subjects, while 80% of students reached their target grade in Maths and 43% reached their target in English.  Of our year 11 pupils, 63%  passed Maths GCSE, and nearly 60% of year 11 students passed English Language,  at a grade 4 or above. 

In other subjects, students performed particuarly well in Additional Science, with 11 out of 13 students gaining a grade C or above. 

The arts also fared well:  Photography, Drama and Film Studies all saw 100% passes at grade C or above. 

Headteacher Hellen Lush said: 'Given the changes to both assessment and curriculum over recent times, and the levels of attainment and progress nationally,  we are pleased with this year's outcomes.  Onwards and upwards!'


GCSE Results 2016

We are extremely proud that out of all of the GCSE results gained by our students this August, 78.9 % hit or exceeded targets. 100% of students taking Film Studies, Core Science, Photography and English hit or exceeded their predicted grades.

Given the difficulties that our students come to us with and will never be "cured" of, this is an incredible achievement.

The impressive commitment and endeavour shown by our outgoing Year 11 students' was fantastic. Their persistence and aspiration has paid off. Our teaching and therapy teams spent inordinate amounts of time and effort in supporting our young people and personalising their learning, so breaking down the barriers to learning that we see every day at Shapwick and giving them strategies to help them understand, remember and recall.

A massive 76.9 % of students achieved 5 or more A* - E grades and 42.3 % of students achieved 5 or more A*-C grades, including English and Maths – both of which pose obvious and significant difficulty for our students.

100% of students gained an A* - E in English, Art, Photography, PE, Geography, History, Film Studies
96% of students gained an A*-E in Science
72% of students gained an A*-E in Maths

100% of students taking Geography gained A* - C
88.9% of students taking Photography gained A*-C
83.3% of students taking Film Studies gained A*-C
75% of students taking Drama gained A*-C

Students who came to us having been assured by previous schools that they would never sit or pass a GCSE have done themselves proud with sets of grades higher than they dreamed of attaining. All students have a successful pathway mapped out from here with courses at Colleges starting this week.
We aspire to deliver the best so that students achieve and excel both academically and pastorally. Our current focus and drive is directed towards raising achievement, so that students' progress over time exceeds our young peoples' potential.

Our enthusiastic and dynamic education team look forward to building on this year's successes and supporting our students in following the pathway beyond Key Stage 4 that they want to follow.