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Shapwick School A Parent's View

A Parent's View 2019

Mr. & Mrs. Saxton share their experience of Shapwick School.

Shapwick School Patron Kara Tointon

A Message From Our Patron

Kara Tointon has a message for everyone about Shapwick School.

Shapwick School Reflections

Shapwick School Reflections

Recent photo reflections from Shapwick School.

A day in the life of a Shapwick student

A Day In The Life

Follow the day in the life of a typical day student at Shapwick School.

Life at Shapwick School

Life At Shapwick School

Listen to what pupils and staff at the school have
to say about the Shapwick experience.

Don't call me stupid

Don't Call Me Stupid

Actress Kara Tointon investigates how dyslexia
has been shaping her life and how Shapwick
School is helping children with similar difficulties.

A parent's view of Shapwick School

A Parent’s View

Mark Scoble is a parent of a child who recently
attended Shapwick School. Hear about how their
lives were positively affected by their time at
the school.