School Values and Mission


To provide an educational environment in which young people with dyslexia, dyspraxia and dyscalculia can thrive.

To instill confidence and raise self-esteem, enabling all students to achieve their individual potential whilst acquiring the skills which Shapwick School promotes and upholding the values which it represents.

Our vision is to become a centre of excellence supporting dyslexia, dyspraxia,dyscalculia.

School Aims

To continually develop the positive ethos and learning culture throughout the school community and promote our school values in young people.

To commit to continual improvement and investment to meet the very highest expectations of our stakeholders.

  • To continually develop a strong and effective partnership with parents, outside agencies and the local community to offer the best quality provision

To continually promote and celebrate individual cultures and beliefs.

To take every opportunity to reward pupils and enhance their self-esteem, whilst supporting one another in demanding the highest academic and social standards, to prepare them for the demands of the modern world.

To offer a broad and balanced curriculum, with personalised learning and student outcomes at the centre of what we do.


For students to demonstrate and uphold our school values; commitment, achievement, respect, empathy, self-esteem.

For students to acquire and develop four core skills; problem solving, independence, communication and teamwork.

For students to make expected progress and achieve their individual education and pastoral targets.

For students to follow a healthy lifestyle to maintain physical and mental well-being.

For students to be well prepared for their next steps beyond Shapwick and become independent, lifelong learners.


Shapwick has a cohesive and multi-sensory approach to supporting its students, ensuring strong links are in place across the care, teaching and therapy teams. Strong evidence through student pathways, outcomes and destinations prove that our students fulfil their academic and pastoral potential, whilst learning in a safe, structured and nurturing environment.  

Our ‘same road by different steps’  comprises a holistic approach to learning the core values of  Commitment, Achievement, Respect, Empathy and Self Esteem. We aspire for all Shapwick students to value learning, aspire to excellence and most importantly fulfil their potential.



Shapwick School Mission and Values