Admissions Process

At Shapwick our policy is to welcome pupils at any age between 8 -19 years diagnosed as having specific learning difficulties, provided an Educational Psychologist agrees they possess at least average potential.

We do not accept pupils with emotional and behavioural problems.

Before potential entrants to the school are invited to interview, an up to date Educational Psychologist’s report should be made available. In addition, a current report from a head teacher confirming that the pupil’s conduct has been satisfactory is desirable.

The best way, though, to find out more about our unique education environment is to visit us. We are very proud of our pupils’ successes, and love to showcase our work to visitors. There is nothing better than you speaking with our students as they show you around their school, meeting our Principal Adrian Wylie, and seeing classrooms buzzing with fulfilled students, to help you to decide when to book in a trial week for your Son or Daughter.

Contact us about a visit

Taster Days

As part of the admissions process prospective students spend 4-5 taster days in school and in the case of boarding students this includes staying at one of our boarding houses for at least 2 nights. Throughout the day visiting pupils will be accompanied by another pupil who will look after them and take them to and from lessons and activities




Shapwick School Admissions Process