It is our belief that education is not just about exam success.

Young peoples’ outcomes are at the heart of what we do, and our expectations of and aspirations for students are high. The “different steps” that our education takes involves a holistic approach which boosts self esteem and confidence through opportunities for success outside of the classroom as well as in.  

Our enrichment of the traditional curriculum takes place around the clock and is instrumental in instilling self belief, a sense of adventure and a thirst for knowledge.

Student attainment at KS4 is sound, despite the challenges presented by the range of specific learning difficulties. However, great emphasis is also placed on the development of a wider range of interests , skills and values. The Shapwick experience reaches beyond the confines of the timetable, to include themed assemblies and Tutor Time, activities, Prep slots in which homework is completed, trips out, visitors in, curriculum and extra- curricular days…. 

Tutor Programme

Our Tutor Time and Assemblies follow themes in line with national days of celebration, our school values, our PSHE curriculum and current affairs. For example Anti Bullying Week, Black History Month, International Day of Peace. 

Tutors run an accredited ASDAN programme during their daily 30 minute slot with students. The approach to this is flexible and students take ownership of completing projects, tasks, activities etc for different sections, and updating their own chart. 

Staff lead assemblies on a rota, enthusing, informing and involving students depending on the theme. 

Shapwick School Enrichment