Sport At Shapwick

Shapwick School is keen that all pupils have regular exercise and are physically fit, and believe that PE/Games helps to develop essential life qualities such as team spirit, loyalty and self-respect.

PE/Games form a key part of all pupils’ curriculum. A whole afternoon of the timetable is devoted to Games. This provides children with the opportunity to try different activities and promotes the importance of an active lifestyle.

Shapwick School has a long tradition of nurturing pupils’ sporting talents and many Old Shapwickians have gone on to pursue sporting careers or study at further education college and university.

Shapwick has an impressive sports hall and tennis court. Extensive playing fields surround the school campus. Pupils also visit the neighbouring further education college regularly to benefit from their sports facilities and enjoy swimming lessons at a local pool.

Sports vary with the seasons. Rugby and netball are traditionally played in the Autumn; soccer during the Spring and cricket, athletics, tennis and rounders in the Summer.

The school teams regularly compete against other independent and state schools in all major sports.

From Year 10 pupils can choose to study the vocational BTEC certificate in Sport which is equivalent to two GCSE qualifications.

Shapwick School Sport Netball