A Typical Day At Shapwick School

The staff at Shapwick School strive to make learning fun and interesting everyday.

Shapwick Prep

Shapwick Prep operates five days per week, and boarders enjoy activities/visits at the weekend. The school day starts with Tutor time at 8.45 am.

Formal lessons start at 9.20 am and students have 6 x 50 minute sessions which is  intercepted by a 15 minute mid-morning break at 11.05 am when pupils enjoy a well-earned playtime. A one hour lunch break starts at 1.05 pm.

Pupils study English and Maths to focus on their essential literacy and numeracy skills. The curriculum also includes Humanities, Science, Drama, Games, PE, ICT, PSHE and an enriched programme of assemblies, Tutor Time and after school / lunchtime activities.

All studies are based broadly on the National Curriculum, adapted where necessary to meet each individual’s requirements and sympathetic to the challenges presented by dyslexia.

Lessons end at 3.50 pm with a short break, and then from 4.00 pm all pupils have an activity or prep (i.e. homework) depending upon the day. Prep is completed at school with teacher support between 4.00 pm and 5.00 pm before day pupils leave.

Shapwick Senior

Shapwick Senior operates formal lessons five and a half days per week, and boarders enjoy activities/visits on Saturday afternoons and Sundays.  As with the Prep the school day starts at 8.45 am with Tutor time.

Formal lessons begin at 9.20 am and are split into 6 x 50 minute sessions.

There is a morning break at 11.05 am until 11.20 am during which pupils enjoy a drink and fruit. A one hour lunch break starts at 1.05 pm, followed by formal lessons until 3.50 pm.

At 3.50 pm pupils have a break. At 4.00 pm all pupils are allocated an activity or do prep (i.e. homework) until 5.00 pm.