Day Students At Shapwick School

Shapwick welcomes students to attend on a daily basis and a large number from the local area do so.

Day students share every possible aspect of school life with the boarders and receive every bit as much care and attention. They have their own “Walker” House to complement the 4 boarding Houses, named after the late David Walker, a Joint Headteacher here for many years. Day students meet as a group as and when necessary, to talk about any issues, opportunities to develop their House and also their involvement in “out of hours” school life. Sports fixtures, Enrichment, student voice meetings, trips, events, Curricular Days all involve every student day or boarding. Day students can invite boarders to their homes for weekends or for tea during the week, something easily arranged with Houseparents. They can be involved in Saturday afternoon activities too if that is something that would benefit a student in terms of friendships and confidence.

The school day begins at 8.45 am so we encourage drop off at The Manor from 8.30 am, finishing at 5.00 pm with pick up at The Manor too.

School for Years 4-8 runs from Monday to Friday with an extensive programme of lessons, sports and Enrichment. Our Year 9-11 school week  runs from Monday through until 12.45 pm on Saturday, at which point Walker House can go home and enjoy some weekend family time.

Shapwick is flexible with regard to drop off and collection of students. Where necessary, it can be arranged for Walker students to have breakfast and/or tea at school with the boarding Houses.

Walker have regular meetings so that ideas can be discussed and issues talked through.

Current Head of Walker is Grace Morgan, Yr 11,  student from Somerset. She is an extremely kind role model for all our younger students.





Day Pupils Shapwick School