Pastoral Care

Shapwick boasts a small nurtured environment that enables the school to deliver a personalised education programme that meets the needs of each child. 

Shapwick provides a real family feel which is borne out by the positive relationships that students form across all of the year groups. Our togetherness and holistic approach serves to ensure that staff understand what makes each student tick and so help our young people to feel safe, supported and settled. 

Students have a Tutor, who co-ordinates their life at school, through communication with relevant therapists, Houseparents and teaching staff. The Tutor spends the start of each school day with their Tutor group, responding to issues and ensuring that students are feeling as happy and confident as we can help them to feel. They also run a Tutor programme which helps to develop skills associated with social situations and self care, such as teamwork and independence. 

Tutors are the first point of communication for parents and other staff, in relation to a child. 

In addition to the Tutor system, Houseparents for boarders and Head of Walker for day students support each child’s well-being, this is further supported by our Head of Care. Houses hold regular meetings where students are encouraged to have their say, students can also log concerns or ideas, either anonymously or not via the head of house or the sounding book. A valuable method of feedback, particularly for more anxious young people. 

Our Prefect team, Anti-bullying Ambassadors, Heads of Houses, House Captains, and Mentors work with staff effectively to provide opportunities for students to voice concern, opinion and ideas contribute to a strong, communicative pastoral network to underpin our students’ safety and welfare. We also have two independent “Voices” from our local community, whom the students can contact if they wish to talk to an ear from outside of school.




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