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Science Trip to @Bristol Hands on Science Museum

On Monday 19th November the Science Department took the whole of Year 10 to @Bristol to experience the museum. This included:

  • Hands on interactive displays, where students could look at models, discover more about the subject themselves, build animations and many other things.
  • A light show using student participation, where we saw materials with colourful and luminescent properties.
  • A DNA workshop which required group work and considerable audience involvement
  • A Planetarium Show - 45 minutes to relax in darkness and learn about the history of the Galaxy, the Milky Way and the Universe.

A great time and a lot of learning was had by all.  The material was immediately relevant to the students' GCSE curriculum and showed extremely well the appliance of Science to real life situations. 

Shapwick School Science TripShapwick School Science Trip


Shapwick School Science Trip


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