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Wake Up to Waste Workshops

On March 26th both Shapwick sites participated in Wake Up To Waste week by inviting Carymoor Environmental Centre's Education Team back in to look at how we can "Reduce, Reuse and Recycle".  This will contribute to our coverage of the Waste topic in our bid to gain the Green Flag.

Interactive, engaging and age appropriate workshops were delivered by Juliet to encourage thought and to introduce ways of reusing items. 

Years 9-11 took part in "Waste Odyssey" - a workshop based in the future looking at how our generations have polluted the environment.  They looked at large jars of waste and sorted information in teams.

Years 4-8 took part in "Trash to Treasure".  They made wallets and other items from waste such as juice cartons.  The day was enjoyed by all and hopefully we have all learned how to better save our resources!


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